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[Case Study] Origin Fleet Mangement Advisory 2

09 Mar 2020
[Case Study] Origin Fleet Mangement Advisory 2
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Lubricant maintenance made up a big part of operating cost for most company which rely heavily on machineries, one of them is logistic, or more commonly known as transport company. We were honoured to be given a chance to assist one of our logistic company customer to review their maintenance practice in order to squeeze some extra saving under current bad economy situation.

We have previously achieved a 45.73% saving on pickup trucks, and this time we are working on some heavy duty trucks. The fleet of the company is made up of all UD Nissan Diesel trucks with different configuration, mainly flatbed truck and prime mover, with different engine equipped including RF, RG, RH and GE13. Most of the trucks run an average of 300 KM daily, about 90,000 KM annually. They were using Brand S 15W-40 engine oil (RM 200/pail of 20L) required to be changed every 5,000 KM.

Understanding the situation, we recommended Gazpromenft Diesel Premium 15W-40 CI-4 engine oil. We had previously done UOA on similar model and hence we are sure that the oil will last to 15,000 KM before it needs to be changed. We take an example of GE13 engine which uses 42 litres of engine oil, comparison as below:
Table 1: Brand S vs Gazpromneft Comparison
*Customer have their own workshop and mechanic hence no labour charges is incurred.

From Table 1 above, our customer achieved a saving of 62.20%, or RM 5,262 every year. Also the truck now has extra 12 days to do its job, generating revenue for the company instead of parking at the workshop to get the oil changed. For other models running on RF/RG/RH which uses slightly more engine oil, more saving is achieved. For this particular customer who has 20 trucks, the annual maintenance cost is reduced by more than RM 100,000.

Are you running a fleet or machineries? Wish to reduce your operating cost and/or facing problems? Wonder what can be done to improve your fleet? Contact us now! Free consultation session is available upon request.

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