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[Case Study] Operation Cost Saving - Origin Fleet Mangement Advisory

22 Feb 2020
[Case Study] Operation Cost Saving - Origin Fleet Mangement Advisory
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We have recently taken on a challenge to provide advice to one of our customer on their fleet maintenance practice in order to increase their productivity and reduce operation cost. We started out with one of their “runner truck”, a Toyota Hilux Vigo 2.5 Diesel Turbo (KUN25) which travel more than 8,000 KM every month, clocking around 100,000 KM every year.

They were previously running on Brand S 15W-40 engine oil (RM 200/pail of 20L) which required to be replaced every 5,000 KM. The driver revealed that they tried to extend the oil change interval but the truck started to lose power and increase in fuel consumption after the 5,000 KM mark.

Photo 1: Toyota Hilux Vigo 2.5 Single Cab
Hence we advised the use of Gazpromenft Diesel Premium 15W-40 CI-4 engine oil. Since we have run a test on a similar model (click HERE or HERE to read the related articles), we are very confident that the oil can last more than 15,000 KM before an oil change is required. However customer chose to play it safe and run the oil to only 10,000 KM before changing it.

After running the oil for few months, customer came back to us with exciting news and data. We have compile it into a table below for easier understanding.
Table 1: Saving from Oil of Brand S vs Gazpromneft
As we can see from Table 1 above, customer achieved a saving of RM 1125 every year (a whooping 45.73%) from changing of the engine oil alone. Not to mention the extra 10 days that was freed up to be productive and working, which previously was spent at workshop waiting for an oil change to be done. More saving is possible if the oil change interval is further extended to 15,000 KM or even 20,000 KM.

Besides the saving of lubricant cost, customer also reported a slight improvement in fuel economy.

Table 2: Saving from Fuel of Brand S vs Gazpromneft

From Table 2, we can see that there’s a fuel saving of about 3%, almost RM 568 every year.

Photo 2: Toyota Hilux Vigo VNT Double Cab

Following our advice, the customer achieved a saving of RM 1,692.92 every year, for each of the operating Hilux in the fleet. Wish to know how Origin can help you to increase productivity while reducing your operating cost? Contact us now!

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