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Product Testing: Extended Oil Drain Interval with Gazpromneft Diesel Premium 15W-40 CI-4 Heavy Duty Engine Oil

23 Jul 2019
Product Testing: Extended Oil Drain Interval with Gazpromneft Diesel Premium 15W-40 CI-4 Heavy Duty Engine Oil
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Origin Auto Parts PLT is working closely with Oily Lubricants Malaysia Sdn Bhd to perform product testing on one of the most well-received products in Gazpromneft Lubricants range - Gazpromneft Diesel Premium 15W-40 CI-4 Heavy Duty Engine Oil. The main purpose of this testing is to examine how well does the oil perform in a vehicle subjected to Malaysia climate of high humidity and high ambient temperature.
Picture 1: Engine oil condition at around 4000km (left) and 8000km (right).
Picture 2: Engine Oil Condition at around 10,000km.

The test vehicle is a Toyota Hilux 2.5L D-4D using Gazpromneft Diesel Premium 15W-40 CI-4 and has travelled over 10,000km in a mixture of off-road and federal roads driving in about 3 months. Engine oil was visually checked for colour change at around 4000km, 8000km and 10,000km. Oil filter were changed around 5000km interval as well. The engine oil sample is extracted from the engine at 10,564km interval and bottle containing oil sample is sealed before sending it to an independent laboratory for used oil analysis. Used oil analysis is a routine yet important activity to understand oil condition and operating condition of a lubricated machine.

Picture 3: Oil sample extraction via dipstick hole (Left). Oil sample in bottle (Right).

Oil analysis result (Picture 4) showed no abnormalities in the oil after running in the Toyota Hilux’s engine under severe condition. Minimal amount of wear metals and contaminant were detected in the oil sample including the amount of soot. Total Base Number (TBN) is a measurement of oil alkalinity – an indication of oil to neutralise acidic contaminants which is corrosive to engine parts. Measured TBN of 7.71 mgKOH/g of the oil sample after 10,000km indicating exceptional acid neutralisation and TBN retention capabilities of the engine oil, due to its advanced additive technology which has high detergent and dispersant properties.
Picture 4: Test result of Gazpromneft Diesel Premium 15W-40 CI-4 after 10564km.

Based on historical data, engine oil change is necessary when TBN has depleted over 60% from starting TBN with considerable safety margin in place. Using Gazpromneft Diesel Premium 15W-40 CI-4 Heavy Duty Engine Oil as an example, this oil has a starting TBN of 10.0 mgKOH/g. In other words, the oil needs to be changed when its TBN has depleted to 4 mgKOH/g. By calculation, this engine oil only used up 38.2% of its service life and it is projected to be able to last up to 20,000km or more without compromising engine reliability.
Optimum lubricant selection for respective machine application is an engineering process which would make big difference in lubricant cost saving and machine reliability. Some lubricants are cheap to own but need to be changed at much shorter interval, hence incurring higher lubricant cost . Simply extending oil changing interval without considering quality of lubricant poses high risk of premature lubricant failure and might cause expensive damages. Changing oil too early means higher lubricant cost and downtime while changing oil too late would cause damage to engine lead to expensive repair costs and much longer downtime. This is why used oil analysis is a valuable tool to determine optimum oil drain interval which could help reducing operating cost and boost revenue.

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